Southwest Incense Burners

Southwest Incense – Southwest Incense Burners


Casa Burner

The usually flat-roofed CASA design is from the Southwestern United States and is made of adobe mud bricks. 4 1/2″ length x 3 1/2″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $15.95


Ceremonial House Burner

The Ceremonial House comes from United States and Canada. These wooden buildings were used as places for traditional ceremonial gatherings. On the original structures, the carving of the totems and other wood offers examples of fine craftsmanship and artistry. 4″ length x 2 5/8″ width x 2 1/4″ height.

Price: $15.95


Horno Burner

The Horno is a Pueblo Indian oven, which is also made of mud bricks and is still used to this day for baking. 4 3/4″ length x 3″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $15.95


Kiva Burner

Kivas are underground pits lined with adobes and covered with wooden poles and thatching. Their primary use is for spiritual enrichment and religious purposes in many Native American Indian Pueblos. 3″ length x 3″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $15.95


Log Cabin Burner

The Log Cabin was the main living house for many settlers in the fast growing new world of times gone by. 3 3/4″ length x 2 1/2″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $15.95


Steam Engine Burner

Steam Engines were widely used by the railroads to move people and supplies across the vast distances of the United States.
4 3/8″ length x 2 1/2″ width x 2 3/8″ height

Price: $15.95


Teepee Burner

The Teepee is a Native American Indian dwelling of migratory tribes. Teepees were used across Mexico all the way north to Canada, covering what we now call the Midwest United States. 3″ length x 3″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $15.95


Chimenea Burner

The Chimenea (round outdoor fireplace) is a replica of the outdoor patio fireplace which traditionally burn New Mexico Pinon wood. Use with our soothing natural piƱon wood incense or with any of our other six delightful fragrances. 4 1/2″ length x 3 1/2″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $19.95


Fireplace Burner

The Southwest-Style Fireplace is similar to those found in homes old and new throughout the Southwest. 4 1/2″ length x 3″ width x 5″ height.

Price: $19.95


Iglesia (Church) Burner

Iglesia (Church) is a generic representation of the Southwest-style church found in certain regions throughout North America. 3 1/2 length x 4″ width x 2 3/4″ height.

Price: $19.95

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