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Southwest Incense – Southwest Burners


Alder Incense

Alder mostly grows on the Pacific coast and is used for cooking, smoking seafood, furniture, and cabinet making. This deciduous, moisture loving tree, produces flowers which develop into small woody cones that decorate the tree in winter. Flower arrangers use these blossoms often. We like the mild smell of this incense that compliments and reflects the Northwest United States.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Cedar Incense

Cedar grows in the mountains in the USA and many other countries. The wood is versatile in its uses. From aromatic chests to wooden furniture, cedar is a well known and loved essence.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Fir Balsam Incense

Fir Balsam evergreen trees are tall, symmetrical trees, with uniformly spaced branch whorls. It bears large cones that stand erect on the branches. Most native firs are high mountain trees which grow best in or near their natural environment. The Fir Balsam incense is a strong refreshing smell of the high country.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Hickory Incense

Hickory is our only incense that doesn’t come from the western part of the USA. This tree grows mostly in the southeast. It is a tall tree that has a shaggy bark when mature. The wood is hard and the smoke is used for cooking much like mesquite and alder.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Juniper Incense

Junipers grow throughout the United States. The wood is quite fragrant and is used for fence posts and long straight poles. Our Rocky Mountain Juniper is the source of many beautiful sub-species, varying in height from 6 inches to 40 feet. Some people use the berries for medicinal purposes.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Mesquite Incense

Mesquite grows in the desert southwest and Mexico at elevations of 2000 to 6000 feet. This slow growing tree is very hard and has an equally distinctive odor. Root wood is used for fuel, especially cooking, and is good for barbecuing and smoking meats. Native Americans use pods (seeds) for food and later as feed for livestock. We think that our incense is a unique blend of this complex fragrance.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Piñon Incense

Piñon is an evergreen tree that grows along the foot hills of California’s desert mountains, east to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas, and north to Wyoming. This tree produces cones that bear edible seeds that are harvested in the late fall. When burned, the smoke is a soft smell of the Piñon that fills the air in towns and villages throughout New Mexico.

Box of 40 pcs. $8.49


Small Boxed Incense

Choose from the pull down menu below for your choice of any of the 7 scents shown above in a smaller box of 20 pcs.

Box of 20 pcs. $4.95



Sampler Pack

If it’s too difficult to choose between our seven different fragrances, try our sampler box. You get seven of each fragrance along with a small burner. These also make a nice little gift for folks who like the aromas of the west.

Box of 49 pcs. $12.95


Alder Incense

Economy pack of 100 bricks of incense along with a burner.

Box of 100 pcs. $19.95


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